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Any scale, any workload...

Compuverde supports a range of workloads, including enterprise applications, databases, virtual desktop infrastructure, unified communications and data analytics.

Technological approach

Compuverde is built upon beliefs and principles. Beliefs that it must be possible to deliver a storage solution that is both cost and energy efficient while at the same time delivering unrivalled performance levels. And principles that are both radical and ground-breaking in the way the architecture of the solution is defined. The Compuverde web-scale architecture enables the kind of storage flexibility that is critical to the future of business and the rise of the Internet of Things.

About Compuverde

Compuverde is a company within software defined storage (SDS), based in Sweden. Founded by a team of storage and software experts. Today Compuverde is an international team working with partners and customers around the world. Compuverde delivers solutions dedicated to both large consumer brands and industrial B2B-players in a number of different verticals such as service providers, telecom, banking, media and insurance companies.

Origins and heritage

Global by demand, Swedish by design, Compuverde is the perfect match between the clean, well structured and innovative heritage their Swedish origins represents.

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