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NVIDIA DGX Family - Faster AI Innovation and Insight

Nvidia AI and Deep Learning solutions make the impossible possible.

Inspired by the demands of deep learning and analytics, NVIDIA® DGX™ Systems are built on the new, revolutionary NVIDIA Volta™ GPU platform. Combined with innovative GPU-optimized software and simplified management, these fully integrated solutions deliver groundbreaking performance and results.

NVIDIA DGX Systems are designed to give data scientists the most powerful tools for AI exploration—tools that go from your desk to the data center to the cloud.

Learn how to experiment faster, train larger models, and get insights starting on day one in this DGX Systems Webinar.

Some example use cases:

  • Healthcare: GPU-accelerated deep learning solutions can be used to design more sophisticated neural networks for healthcare and medical research applications—from real-time pathology assessment to point-of-care interventions to predictive analytics for clinical decision-making. Innovations in AI are advancing the future of precision medicine and population health management in unbelievable ways.
  • Smart cities: AI is transforming how we capture, inspect, and analyse data to impact everything from public safety, traffic, and parking management to law enforcement and city services
  • Robotics and autonomous vehicles: AI solutions helps perception, navigation, manipulation and control of robotic systems.
  • Retail / shopping: Whether your goal is to optimize your supply chain, use existing data to increase conversion, or customize shopping experiences with predictive modeling and micro-targeting/pricing, AI can help you meet your challenge.


NVIDIA DGX systems are designed to give data scientists the most powerful tools for AI exploration that goes from your desk, to the data center, and the cloud. With DGX Station, DGX-1, and DGX-2 the following features are included:

  • Fully integrated software and hardware
  • Built on the latest NVIDIA Volta GPU architecture
  • Deep learning training, inference and accelerated analytics all optimized in one system
  • Unparalleled performance and scalability —iterate and innovate faster


NVIDIA DGX Station™ is the only personal supercomputer for leading-edge AI development. Designed for your office environment, it’s built on the same software stack powering NVIDIA DGX-1™, for easy experimentation, from your desk to the data center.

Learn more about the DGX Station


The essential instrument for AI research, designed to accelerate your data center and streamline your deep learning workflow. Experiment faster, train larger models, and get insights starting on day one. Now offered with NVIDIA Volta™, NVIDIA DGX-1 delivers industry-leading performance for AI at scale.

Learn more about the DGX-1


Break through the barriers to AI speed and scale with NVIDIA DGX-2, the first 2 petaFLOPS system that engages 16 fully interconnected GPUs for 10X the deep learning performance. Powered by NVIDIA® DGX™ software and an architecture designed for AI-scale built on NVIDIA NVSwitch, DGX-2 enables you to take on the world’s most complex deep learning challenges.

Learn more about the DGX-2

Nextron Deep Learning services

Nextron is certified Nvidia Deep Learning partner, and we happy to help you find the optimal solutions for your AI requirements. Our fully trained technicians provide on-site installation of DGX systems. We also have a DGX-1 system available for customer trials and proof of concepts tests in our server lab. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about AI and Deep Learning!

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Nvidia Partner

We now offer Nvidia Training

We are now offering instructor-led workshops and certifications together with NVIDIA. These are 8 hours long (one working day) and held by DLI-certified instructors. NVIDIA’s DLI (Deep Learning Institute) trains developers and data-scientists on how to apply AI and accelerated computing to solve real challenges within a wide range of areas. In the courses for deep learning you will learn to train, optimize and execute neural networks. In the courses for accelerated computing you will learn to estimate, parallelize, optimize and execute GPU accelerated applications.

  • These courses can be held anywhere in the Nordics of your choice.
  • Maximum 20 attendees per course.
  • All courses are held in English.
  • Courses can be held approx. 6 weeks after booking has been made.

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